No Panic or Worries with Medical Imaging

When your doctor needs to see inside of your body, there a variety of different scans that can be prescribed. One of the most comprehensive scans is the MRI, also called “magnetic resonance imaging,” is highly accurate and recommended for more complex situations on a regular basis. Currently, there is no better imaging to find detailed issues in the human body.

The only problem with a basic MRI is that space is limited. These tight spaces have a tendency to make people panic unless they are sedated. Unfortunately, sedation can carry many serious side effects and it is best avoided whenever possible, especially during basic medical testing. That may have been the chosen route at some point, but now it is well in the past.

When you find a diagnostic imaging center in Flushing NY, they will have something called an “open MRI.” Rather than requiring you to be crammed into a tight tube (and if you have ever seen one of these devices, you know the deal), the machine is wide open but still provides the same high resolution that is needed for medical accuracy.

With this scan, even people who are afraid of small spaces will get the advantages of the most extensive and accurate medical scans on the planet. There is nothing to substitute. CT scans can sometimes be just as accurate, but this is not always the case. Besides, those scans do produce much higher amounts of radiation than the MRI would.

diagnostic imaging center in Flushing NY

Do not let your health go down the tubes just because you are afraid of being scanned in a tight tube. When your doctor orders an MRI, be sure you make them aware of the need for an open scan. There is never a problem getting on with the better clinics available in the area.