A New Approach to Pain Management

If you live with chronic pain, you know how difficult it is. In many ways, the pain steals your life away. It impacts all your relationships and may even make it impossible to work. So many medical conditions can cause severe and chronic pain. The primary medical modes of pain management are more developed in some ways but still archaic in others. Besides, these methods usually involve highly addictive drugs.

Don’t be mistaken, opioids have their place for pain management. The problem is that they do not continue to work without regular dose increases and they cause a myriad of side effects, with chronic constipation being the worst of all. Now, there is an ancient plant making a comeback and it is helping people by the millions to heal from chronic pain and lead normal lives again.

This plant is cannabis, often called marijuana. They are one and the same. Find this for pain management treatment Tampa FL clinics do offer as an option. Florida now allows for medical marijuana, at least to an extent. You have to have a prescription from a doctor, but that is fairly easy to get at a pain clinic.

pain management treatment Tampa FL

Understand that this marijuana will not be very strong in terms of a high, but it will help with pain significantly. The reason it will most likely not get you high is the low amount of THC in the prescribed version in the state of Florida. The only prescriptions which are high in THC are those for serious and terminal disease.

With a good pain clinic, your situation can be evaluated and treated with the appropriate approaches. Soon, your pain situation will not be as bad as it was and life will feel much better than it has in a long time.